Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The CQ1 Talent Search systemic platform, through which Contracting Companies seek candidates to fill their job positions or service opportunities, through invitations to participate in their selection processes.





Canditate Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The CQ1 Talent Search systemic platform, through which Contracting Companies seek candidates to fill their job positions or service opportunities, through invitations to participate in their selection processes.

In order to contract our services, our terms and conditions must be read and accepted, along with our privacy notice and statement about cookies, which constitute our agreement with the CQ1 Talent Search Platform Contracting Company for the use of our platform.


How to use

The CQ1 Talent Search Platform Contracting Company will have the prerogative of access to the platform, to send invitations limited to the amount of credits purchased, which can also be done through the purchase of a credit package, observing the consumption expiration period.

The way your credits are consumed:

  1. Search for professionals;
  2. Find and send an invitation;
  3. He will accept your invitation if he is interested in your job position;
  4. Upon accepting your invitation to the interview, the platform will release the professional’s contact information, which may be either email and/or telephone number. At this moment, the platform will debit the credits referring to the accepted invitation;
  5. In case the professional does not accept your invitation, the platform will not release the professional’s contact information and will not debit the credits referring to the invitation sent from your account in the platform;
  6. The Contracting Company is in charge of contacting the professional, which can be done through email and/or telephone.


The price for each package as well as the rules are published on the platform.

The price for packages not purchased or invitations not yet accepted, may change without notice.


Contract period for the platform

The CQ1 Talent Search Platform Contracting Company may access the platform for browsing and experimenting purpose, but the sending of invitations is not possible before paying for it. After the payment confirmation, the CQ1 Talent Search Platform Contracting Company will have access to the features in the platform, with the possibility of sending invitations for interviews. You will be able to use all the features as long as you have credits.

The expiration period for using the credits may vary according to the contracted plan. Credits are not cumulative. For further information about the expiration period and specifications of the service purchased, see your plan in the Account menu within the CQ1 Talent Search Platform.

The CQ1 Talent Search Platform reserves the right to launch and change functionalities at any time without prior notice, it will not affect the services already purchased.

Once an invitation is accepted, the credits will be deducted

For services contracted in the pay per use mode, whenever an invitation is accepted, the platform will charge the amount of the related invitation to the registered credit card.

After the end of the term of the plan or the number of credits contracted, the Contracting Company must purchase another package or migrate its plan to the pay per use mode, to continue viewing the complete profile of professionals who have accepted your invitations and/or send invitations for interviews.


Payment Conditions and Confirmation

Payment must be made under the conditions made available through the CQ1 Talent Search Platform.

After confirmation of payment, a message will be sent confirming the transaction and we will release the sending/acceptance of the invitation, according to the contracted service.



The Contracting Company will be allowed to cancel the plan within 7 (seven) days after contracting a plan, without paying any charge or fine, as long as the purchase service has not been consumed.

After the expiration of a period of 7 (seven) days, at any time, until the end of the contract or credits expiration, in case of cancellation, a 10% fine will be charged on the price of the service purchased (it will still be discounted the proportional price to the services already performed). Except in the case of the service purchased in the pay per use modality, in which the client pays only the accepted invitation up front, in this contract modality there is no possibility of a refund of the amounts paid by credit card.

In order to request the cancellation, the client must contact the support team or do so through the CQ1 Talent Search Platform.


Important Terms Information

These terms apply to any transaction carried out through the CQ1 Talent Search Platform. Thus, the Contracting Company must ensure that it is aware of the entire content of the platform and the conditions before purchasing the services.

If you do not agree with any part of the terms, you must not proceed with the purchase. If you do not fully understand any part of the terms or have any questions, you should contact our customer support chat available on the CQ1 Talent Search Platform.

Upon acceptance of this proposal, the Contracting Company agrees and consents to the provision of services by the CQ1 Talent Search Platform in accordance to the contracted service, under the conditions established in the platform. Complementary terms may be agreed between the parties in a separate contract, observing the conditions agreed herein.

The agreed conditions are valid from the acceptance of the terms.


Compliance with the Personal Data Protection Regulation

The CQ1 Talent Search Platform takes seriously the protection and security of the personal data of all candidates who use our platform, as well as of the contracting companies, so the data processing is strictly carried out within the limits and purposes of the contracted services. The CQ1 Talent Search Platform aims to bring together candidates and companies seeking opportunities to work together.

Thus, this privacy policy together with the terms of use describes the commitment of the CQ1 Talent Search Platform in how it will use and treat the personal data of candidates, whether through our websites or mobile applications or sharing personal information with other agents of treatment.

The protection regulation has the function of protecting the personal and sensitive data of individuals also called data subjects.

According to the regulation, “personal data” is any data that identifies or makes identifiable an individual. And “sensitive personal data” is that which, by its nature, concerns information that deserves greater care, especially to protect against discrimination.

The rules governing data protection place in this classification of sensitive personal data on racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, affiliation to a union or organization of a religious, philosophical, or political nature, data relating to health or sex life and genetic or biometric data, when linked to an individual. There will be no processing of this type of data in the services provided.


Agreement Purpose

Candidate data are made available to Contracting Companies, anonymously. In order to bring potential candidates closer together, we show their skills at first sight and allow their identification only after the candidate accepts the interview invitation.

CQ1 Talent Search Platform does not charge candidates any amount for them to share their information, nor does it allow third parties to charge candidates to participate in open selection processes through the platform. In this way, the remuneration of the CQ1 Talent Search Platform will occur through the provision of services to Contracting Companies.

The CQ1 Talent Search Platform may also store the name, email, telephone number and identification documents of the Contracting Companies to allow and link the companies access to the services provided by the CQ1 Talent Search Platform.

In this case, user data will only be used to ensure safe navigation and correct access to contracted products and services.

To protect the personal data collected and ensure the security of our systems, we use appropriate technologies and procedures according to the level of risk and the service provided, having a team responsible for managing them in accordance with legal provisions, regulatory requirements, changes technology, among other relevant factors that may influence data protection.

There is a risk that malicious third parties may improperly access information stored on our systems though the internet vulnerability. If this occurs, we will be responsible within the limits provided for in the applicable legislation in force, only if the invasion is caused by the exclusive and proven fault of the CQ1 Talent Search Platform.

The use of any device, software or other resource that may interfere with the activities and operations of the CQ1 Talent Search Platform, either through the website or through other systems or databases, is prohibited. If any intrusion, attempt, or activity is identified that violates or contravenes intellectual property law and/or the provisions stipulated in this Policy and/or applicable laws in force, the person responsible for it will be subject to the applicable sanctions, whether by law or provided for in this document. The person responsible must also indemnify for any damage caused, as well as be responsible for their conduct with the competent authorities.


DPO CQ1 Talent Search Platform

The CQ1 Talent Search Platform has a team of professionals dedicated to data protection and privacy.

If you have any specific issue that has not been clarified by our privacy policy or can be found directly on our website, the Contracting Company may, as a last resource, contact the CQ1 Talent Search Platform DPO through our customer support chat.



The CQ1 Talent Search Platform uses cookies and other similar technologies to store and manage your browsing preferences, to enable content and to collect website analysis and usage data. The use of these technologies is common on websites and platforms in general, consisting of a small text file, placing your device or browser, which allows your identification as a Contracting Company and user and the device used, as well as to collect browsing information.

The cookies we use can perform different functions. Some are necessary and essential for browsing and using the resources of the CQ1 Talent Search Platform. Others collect information about how the Contracting Company uses the website and serve to improve performance and enhance the browsing experience. Finally, functional cookies remember your choices and preferences, customizing your experience on the website.

The Contracting Company may disable cookies through its browser settings, installing plug-ins available on the market, or even making use of other technologies that is necessary.



The CQ1 Talent Search Platform is committed to cooperating with the authorities to ensure compliance with laws, including those relating to the protection of intellectual property rights, fraud prevention, confidentiality, protection of personal data, among others. In this context, we will only reveal the personal data of users, whether they are Contracting Companies or Candidates, upon formal request from the competent judicial or governmental authorities, as long as there is no legal prohibition establishing confidentiality.


Property right

The use of the CQ1 Talent Search name, our internet domain names, as well as the contents of the website screens are our property and are protected by international intellectual property laws and treaties. The content cannot be misused or reproduced, in whole or in part, unless expressly authorized.


Terms Update

When registering a Contracting Company on the CQ1 Talent Search Platform, you must read, understand and accept this Policy, according to the specific option provided in the form. However, this Policy has the nature of an adhesion contract and undergoes periodic reviews, without prior notification being required. Therefore, it is important that the Contracting Company consult the document to find out if it continues to agree with its terms before proceeding with the navigation.


Veracity of Information

The veracity of the information conveyed to the professionals presented by the platform is the exclusive responsibility of the Contracting Company for the content of the proposals and other information about the vacancy that it inserts on the platform.


Control of the recruitment process until its completion

The Contracting Company is responsible for evaluating the information, maintaining contact, and engaging the professional. The contracting company is the only responsible for the management of the hired professional, the platform does not guarantee a minimum length of stay for the professional who will be hired for the job position and does not refund credits.


Rules of Conduct

While using the platform, any type of discrimination is strictly prohibited, whether in relation to age, skin color, disabilities, gender identity, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or other characteristic that is protected under current legislation.

Any type of sexual approach or sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, sexual mention or any attitude that in any way embarrasses the candidate is strictly prohibited.

It is strictly prohibited to use the platform for illegal, unethical and other purposes for which the services were created.

Contracting Companies must undertake the contractual commitment to use the platform in a safe manner, treating candidates in a respectful, courteous and ethical manner.

Failure to comply with the rules listed above will result in the termination of the contract due to the exclusive fault of the Contracting Company and the application of the contract termination fine, as well as result in the immediate blocking of the account, without prejudice to the determination of the losses and damages it may cause, as well such as the notification of prohibited and inappropriate conduct to the competent bodies and authorities.

As explained above, the Contracting Company undertakes to access and use the website exclusively for lawful purposes, in accordance with the current legal system, observing the best ethics in internet use and the strictest good faith, as well as all website use rules disclosed in it, fully answering, as the responsible, for the use you make of the information you access.

It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Contracting Company to provide the computer equipment and Internet connection, as well as the minimum requirements necessary for access to the platform. The CQ1 Talent Search Platform is not responsible under any circumstances for the existence, functioning and quality of such equipment, systems and connections.

The Contracting Company access to candidate data on the platform is protected under the applicable data protection legislation and the Privacy Policy.

By registering, the Contracting Company acknowledges that the password to access the website is for exclusive and non-transferable use and cannot be provided to third parties under any circumstances. The Contracting Company must take all appropriate measures to ensure its confidentiality and must even log off to complete access to its services page.

The security level of the password, according to the combination of letters, numbers and characters, is the responsibility of the Contracting Company, which also undertakes to be fully responsible for any legal and financial consequences arising directly from the loss or misplacement of its password, due to its behavior considered intentional or culpable – imprudence, negligence and malpractice.

The recovery of lost or forgotten passwords will comply with the security standards of the CQ1 Talent Search platform.

The CQ1 Talent Search Platform reserves the right, once the Contracting Company has failed to comply with any obligation arising from these terms of use or the privacy policy, to block your access to the platform or even delete your registration, without prejudice to the possibility of sending your registration data and access to the competent legal authorities, without harming your privacy rights.

The privacy policy of the CQ1 Talent Search Platform is in compliance and shall be interpreted based on current laws.

To resolve any doubts or questions related to it, the parties elect the Court of the Judicial District of São Paulo/SP, excluding any other.


The agreement

By agreeing to these terms and starting to use the CQ1 Talent Search Platform, the contracting company undertakes to respect the conditions set out in an irreversible and irrevocable manner, as well as to use the services offered by the CQ1 Platform in a profitable and legal manner Talent Search.