Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Conquest One’s objective is to show commitment by always treating your personal data with security, privacy and transparency.

This Privacy Policy describes how the personal data has been collected, used, stored and shared, including data rights.





Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Conquest One’s objective is to show commitment by always treating your personal data with security, privacy and transparency.

This Privacy Policy describes how the personal data has been collected, used, stored and shared, including data rights.


  • By accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy, you agree that the controller of your personal data, that is, the company responsible for taking decisions on management of your personal data, will be ‘Conquest One Consultoria e Serviços De TI Ltda.’, registered with the CNPJ under no. 01.802.155/0001-04, headquartered in the City of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, at Avenida das Nações Unidas, no. 14.261, Ala B – 25th floor, CEP 04794-000.
  • Our users can choose the data types thate collect, use and share as described in this Privacy Policy, however this may limit the ways in which we interact with you, including provision of our services.



This policy applies to data collected by Conquest One through the following sources:

This Privacy Policy is also applicable to other forms of personal data collection by Conquest One that allow us to provide or improve our services. For example, we may collect information through partners or relating to our technologies. All forms of collection and uses of your personal data are described in this Privacy Policy.

The practices described in this Privacy Policy can only be applied to the processing of your personal data in Brazil and are subject to local laws applicable, in particular Law No. 13.709/2018 (General Law for the Protection of Personal Data, or “LGPD”) from its entry into force.


What kind of data is Collected by Conquest One

While making an application, or using Conquest One services, you provide us with some data, but we may also collect your data automatically. In addition, we also receive some personal data sent by partners hired for specific purposes (such as strengthening our control against fraud), so that we comply with legal obligations or applicable regulations and others that will be detailed later.

By accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy, you expressly agree to provide only true, current and accurate personal data and not to alter your identity or personal data in any way when accessing and using our products or services. You will be solely responsible for false, outdated or inaccurate information that you provide directly to Conquest One.

These are your personal data processed by Conquest One, divided in categories:

Personal data informed by the holder

  • Registration data, such as: name, identification documents, nationality, address, date of birth, parents, gender, among others;
  • Contact details, such as phone and email;
  • Academic Educational data;
  • Professional data history such as: occupation, company names, duration of service, project names, among others.

Personal data we collect from third parties

  • Registration data, such as: name, affiliation, date of birth, telephone number, address, among others.

Navigation and device data

  • IP address of the device used for accessing Conquest One services;
  • Interactions and profile usage of Conquest One websites, blogs and application;
  • Technical data such as URL, network connection, provider, and device information, device event information such as errors, system activities, hardware settings, browser type, browser language, date and time requested;
  • Cookies that can uniquely identify your browser or your Conquest One account;
  • Device attributes such as ID, OS, browser and model;
  • Device geolocation data authorized by you for collection from your device.

Related Companies and Other Services

  • Data Logs: When we include content from other websites (eg Google Analytics, RD Station etc.) these websites may also use cookies and we do not have access to or control over these cookies. We suggest that you visit third-party websites to find out more information about their policies.
  • Google Analytics: RD Station:
  • Analytics: Conquest One and its partners, including Google, use their own (Google Analytics) and third-party (DoubleClick) cookies together to report, optimize and show ads based on past visits to our website. At some point of time, our website may use display advertising, and even use Google Analytics to implement a specific functionality called remarketing. Remarketing is a feature of Google Adwords that allows us to optimize delivery of ad content specifically targeted to a visitor’s interest based on previous visits to our website.
  • If you would like more information about remarketing in Google Analytics please visit this site:
  • If you want to disable Google Analytics for displaying advertising you can do so by using Ads Preferences Manager. There is also a browser extension to disable Google Analytics that you can download from
  • Web beacons: Our pages have electronic images known as web beacons (sometimes called “single pixel gifs”) and are used in conjunction with cookies to compile statistics and analyze how our website is being used, and they can also be used in our emails to know which emails and links are being opened by recipients. This allows us to assess the effectiveness of our customer communications and marketing campaigns.

Personal data arising from the use of our services

  • History of processes and applications.

Public data

  • We may collect information about you that is publicly available or that has been made public by you;
  • Information about mentions or interactions related to Conquest One;
  • Testimonials regarding Conquest One publicly posted on profiles and pages on social media, along with your name and image (including profile photos).

How Conquest One uses your personal data

Our Services allow you to explore careers as well as being located and locating business opportunities. We generally use and disclose your personal data for the following purposes:

Personal data informed by the holder


  • Provide our services to you or our customers;
  • Recommend career opportunities and new businesses;
  • Include your data in our talent bank;
  • Share information with recruiters;
  • Provide content and recommendations to help make our Services more relevant to our Users, Visitors and customers;
  • Manage our relationships with you or our customers;
  • Improve services of Conquest One or its customers;
  • Review and evaluate your job submissions;
  • Contact by phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, or other means of communication, including sending notifications or push to use Conquest One services;
  • Marketing, market research, opinion and promotion of our services, or our partners, including enabling vacancy offers and sending information, news, content, and other relevant events for maintaining relationship with you;
  • Share with trusted third parties (for example, our contracted service providers or advisors) with whom we are working to provide services to you or to help us with our contractual or legal obligations;
  • Prevention and resolution of technical or security problems;
  • Regular exercise of Conquest One rights, including presenting documents in judicial and administrative proceedings, if necessary;
  • Collaboration or compliance with a court order, competent authority or supervisory body, if necessary;
  • Compliance with legal or regulatory obligation.

Personal data we collect from third parties


  • Eligibility assessments or reassessments to process your application.

Navigation and device data


  • Service Provision and improvement of the use and experience with the Conquest One app and websites;
  • New service recommendations;
  • Display advertisement on Conquestone website, social media or third-party websites;
  • Generation of statistics, studies, surveys related to activities and behavior for the user services;
  • Prevention and resolution of technical or security problems;
  • Regular compliance with ConquestOne rights, including document presentation in judicial and administrative proceedings, if required;
  • Compliance with legal or regulatory obligations like court order, competent authority or a supervisory body, if necessary;

Personal data arising from the use of our services


  • Provision of Conquest One services;
  • Improvement of the services provided by Conquest One, including the crosschecking of information about vacancies and profiles for nomination.
  • Marketing: Provide market research, opinion and promotion of our services, or our partners, such as enabling vacancy offers and sending information, sharing news content, news and other events for maintaining relationship;
  • Prevention and resolution of technical / security problems. Monitoring the use and performance of Conquest One services;
  • Regular compliance with ConquestOne rights, including document presentation in judicial and administrative proceedings, if required;
  • Compliance with legal or regulatory obligations like court order, competent authority or a supervisory body, if necessary;

Public Data


  • Dissemination of services provided by Conquest One on social networks, websites, applications or institutional and advertising materials;
  • Regular compliance of Conquest One rights, including presenting documents in judicial and administrative proceedings, if required;
  • Compliance with a legal or regulatory obligation such as court order, a competent authority or a supervisory body, if necessary;


Sharing personal data

Your data may be stored, processed and transferred among other countries in which Conquest One, its respective partners, customers, affiliates or contractors have offices so that Conquest One can use this information set out in the Privacy Policy and you can enjoy career opportunities and new businesses.

With business partners, service providers and other third parties:

Such as: customers, information technology service providers, customer service, communication, statistical services, research, and marketing.

Sharing Purposes:

  • Improvement of our services, website, apps and operationalization of new services;
  • Prevention and resolution of technical or security problems;
  • Contact by phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, push notification or other means of communication;

With authorities and regulatory bodies

  • Regular compliance with ConquestOne rights, including document presentation in judicial and administrative proceedings, if required;
  • Compliance with legal or regulatory obligations like court order, competent authority or a supervisory body, if necessary;

Upon request

Sharing Purposes:

Ensure transparency in the relationship;

  • Sending non-mandatory notifications by email, push, WhatsApp and SMS.

When browsing our websites, you may be redirected to third-party websites or applications. Once you are redirected to a third-party website or application, their privacy practices will be governed by those third-party privacy policies and terms of use. We cannot control or be responsible for the privacy practices and content of third parties. Please read the applicable privacy policies carefully to understand how they collect and process your data.


Retention and deletion of your personal data

Data retention

Being a candidate, while using our services and for the entire period Conquest One will store your personal data keeping it in a secure and controlled environment.

Rights to access and control your personal data

  • Delete data: You can request to delete some or all of your personal data.
  • Change or correct data: You can edit some of your personal data in your account. You can also request for updates, changes or corrections to your data in certain cases, especially if they are incorrect.
  • Objections, limits or restrictions, use of data: you can request to stop using all or some of your personal data (for example, you can restrict our right to continue using your data), or limit our use of them. (for example, if your personal data is incorrect or illegally stored).
  • Right to access or copy your data: You may request a copy of your personal data and the data you have provided in a machine-readable format.

You can do this by sending us an email at Upon receipt of written request and within a stipulated period of up to 30 days, we will correct, delete and/or block your personal information from future use. We will retain your necessary information to provide you with services and will retain and use your information deemed necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and/or fulfil our contracts.


Your rights as a personal data holder

With the entry of LGPD into force you, as the holder of personal data, can exercise your rights related to controlling of your personal data. We have provided the mechanisms detailed below so that you can clearly and transparently understand how to exercise your rights and our team will be ready to respond to any requests.

We list below what these rights are:

Confirmation of personal data processing

The fact that you are a user of Conquest One’s services, it already means that we process your personal data. Even though this process, including others where we store your personal data in a secure and controlled environment, you can ask Conquest One to confirm that it processes your personal data.

Access to personal data

You may request Conquest One to inform and provide your personal data.

Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data

If you find that your personal data is incomplete, inaccurate or out of date, you can ask Conquest One to correct it or substitute it with new current personal data.

Anonymization, blocking or deletion of unnecessary, excessive or treated data in violation of the LGPD.

If any personal data is treated unnecessarily, exceeding its intended purpose or is in non-compliance with the LGPD, you may request Conquest One to anonymize, block or delete this data, provided that the excess is effectively verified, the lack of necessity or non-compliance with the law.

Personal data deleted and processed with consent

If you have given consent to process your personal data for specific purposes (and not necessary for the provision of our services) you may request the deletion of these personal data.

Information of companies that Conquest One has shared or from which it has received your personal data

You can ask Conquest One to inform you which third parties they have shared with or from whom they have received your personal data.

Information about the possibility of not providing consent and the consequences of denial

If your consent is required to access or use a certain service, you can ask Conquest One to clarify whether it is possible to provide this service without your consent for processing your personal data, or what are the consequences of not providing consent for this case.

Revocation of consent

If you have given your consent to process your personal data, you can request for a revocation of this authorization. Revocation of consent may result in impossible use of some features of the application, or even in the termination of the services provided. But it does not prevent the use of (i) anonymized data; and (ii) data whose treatment is based on another legal hypothetical framework under LGPD.


Security measures

Conquest One uses several types of security measures to ensure integrity of your personal data, such as complying to industry data security standards while collecting and storing personal data.

Personal data may also be stored by means of cloud computing technology and other technologies that may arise in the future, always seeking to improve and improve our services and security.

We handle the security of your personal data with the utmost care, using standards and best practices adopted in the market. We have a robust team, highly qualified and responsible for ensuring that Conquest One adopts the best security practices, including:

  • Use of encryption;
  • Security as code, in order to enable automations and quick and efficient responses to security events in the technological environment;
  • Analysis and continuous testing of information security in our systems, carried out by internal and external teams.

We recommend that you always log out (“sign out”) after each session and close the browser when finished, especially when accessing the service using public terminals. We further recommend that you never share your password with anyone, it is personal and non-transferable, and always be careful when posting your personal data on social networks or any other public environment.


Confidentiality Rules

All information made available to CQOne, in due of the performance of its functions and activities, will be considered confidential information, including, among others, any and all oral and/or written information, transmitted and/or disclosed by Conquest One will be restricted and owned by the company.

Confidential Information must mean, without limiting itself, any and all information, technical, operational, commercial, legal nature, know-how, business plans, documents, contracts, papers, studies, opinions, researches, transmitted by the company (to) CQOne. They will also be confidential, for the purposes of this Policy, all information of the same kind obtained together to Conquest One’s customers in the performance of the services and such information will be the exclusive property of Conquest One customers.

CQOne, upon becoming aware of this Policy, agrees to use the Confidential information received for the restricted purpose of enforcing what was established and agreed in the Contract with Conquest One.

CQOne that receives Confidential information can only use it for the services for which it was contracted and will ensure that such Confidential information is not in any way disclosed or revealed to third parties, using, at least, the same zeal and care that needs to its own Confidential information. CQOne will have the same zeal for information obtained from customers and to third parties connected to the Conquest One service, in carrying out its activities.

CQOne that receives Confidential information is hereby aware of the express prohibition of producing copies, or back-up, by any means or form, of any of the documents provided to him/her or documents that have come to his/her knowledge/access by virtue of the Agreement maintained with Conquest One, in addition to those essential to the development of its services, considering that all information is confidential.

CQOne receiving Confidential information undertakes to:

Do not discuss with third parties, use, disclose, reveal, assign or dispose of Confidential Information to any person or entity, and for any other purpose that is not exclusively related to the object referred to, complying with by adopting precautions and adequate precautions to prevent their misuse by anyone who, for any reason, has had access to them.

Be responsible for preventing, by any means permitted by law, the disclosure or use of Confidential Information.

Immediately return the document (or other medium) that contains Confidential Information to revealing Party, where that request or whenever the Confidential Information no longer necessary, and not keep to itself, under no circumstances, copy, reproduction or duplicate thereof.

The CQOne that receives and is aware of Confidential information, acknowledges and accepts that, in the event of violation of any of the clauses of this Policy, it will be subject to legal sanctions and penalties, especially the indemnity for damages that it caused. These estimated by Conquest One, including those of a moral or competitive nature, as well as those of respective civil and criminal responsibilities. It will also be considered a violation of this policy, any practice by CQOne that tends to denigrate the social image of Conquest One and/or its clinets and third parties related to the services provided.


Compliance with the LGPD by CQOnes

In order to ensure protection of your personal data and provide a safe environment, Conquest One adopts practices related to information security, such as user authentication, strict access control, data encryption and transaction content, IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection System​/Intrusion Prevention System) to detect unauthorized access. To prevent information leakage, periodic testing and evaluation of the effectiveness of information security is made to identify vulnerabilities and validate identification, vulnerability scanning is also performed to protect against malicious software, traceability mechanisms, access controls and computer network segmentation, maintenance of backup copies of data and information, among others.

In addition to the protections that Conquest One applies, it is also important that CQOne has a safe behavior by identifying and avoiding situations that could threaten the security of the data handled by the company, Conquest One’s customers and all relevant data for the services developed by the company.

If CQOne identifies or takes notice or practice something that compromise security of the data processed by the services, it is essential that it immediately contact the channel.

In situations where personal data from third parties are used, the responsibility will be the operator and of controller for data protection and storage. CQOne must pay attention to the content of this Privacy Policy.

In case CQOne detects or promotes the use of data processed by Conquest One incompatible with this Policy, or if you have other questions, comments, suggestions or requests related to the Policy, you should contact us in the following e- contact email to



With this Privacy Policy, we intimate that only some personal data will be collected by Conquest One with your consent. Similarly, these personal data may only be processed with appropriate authorization and for the purposes described.

By reading and accepting this Privacy Policy, you give your consent for processing of personal data in the ways indicated here.

Remember that the processing of your personal data is a mandatory condition  to enable us in providing our services. If you have any questions about any of the terms explained here, we are available through our service channels to help you.


Notices of Privacy Policy Changes

Conquest One may amend this privacy policy to update and reflect changes in the information practices. For any significant changes, we will notify you by email (sent to the registered email address specified in your account) or via a notice on the website prior to changes taking place. We request that you periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices.


Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this policy or the use of your personal data, please contact us via