Why get technological recruitment software for your company?

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Despite the economic crisis caused by Covid-19, the market for the recruitment of specialized IT profiles has not stopped growing. In fact, the pandemic will have added new positions in companies that have been forced to innovate and digitize processes, or else lose ground to their main competitors.

According to IDC forecasts, employment in the IT sector will maintain a growth rate until 2023, with over 62 million jobs recorded this year, representing a compound annual growth rate over the next few years of 3.8%.

With digital transformation, there are more professional vacancies in the IT market, but the qualified professionals to fill them do not exist in equal numbers. This reality creates greater pressure on HR departments, which cannot afford to get lost in lengthy and inflexible selection and recruitment processes, that can often drive professionals away or leave enough time for competitors to tempt them with better offers.

Managers are beginning to understand the real importance of recruitment by seeking answers to modernize these processes without delays and improve the ability to recruit, and also retain this talent that is rare and in high demand.

Looking at the organizational culture

To have more efficient recruitment, in a market where professionals are not enough for orders, you need to look at the culture of the organization, and understand what needs to change to eliminate repetitive recruitment routines, complexity and slow processes. A flexible, innovative and challenging organizational culture will attract professionals.

Today there are tools that can make a real turn over in traditional recruitment processes, without eliminating the human factor, because this is still appreciated and professionals like to give a face to the company.

In the market, there are talent search partners and technological solutions that help to find the most suitable profiles for each position, automating some steps of the process. The problem will be to choose the best option to help your company when it comes to selecting which candidate is the best prepared.

Advantages of using a technological recruitment tool:

– Process automation – streamlining recruitment processes is important when time is the recruiter’s main enemy. With these tools, it is possible to analyse more quickly and assertively the candidates and their competencies.

– Reduction of time and costs in hiring – automating is half the way to speed up and make less bureaucratic the processes, reducing their impact on personnel costs or time.

Greater assertiveness in the hiring – automating means better analyses and more. Through the tools that exist in the market, it is possible to analyse many more candidates, when there are any, and check their competencies more thoroughly, choosing the best ones.

– Improves the candidate experience – with more streamlined processes and more accurate analysis, candidates won’t feel like it was time wasted, as they’ll also be able to learn lessons and get a sense of what they’ll find in the company and its HR culture.

– Measurement of results – automating also means having access to statistics about the recruitment processes, realizing if the paths used for a certain recruitment process are the right ones.

The added value of a qualified partner

When searching for the best tool or partner, companies can analyse the integration of the various options. For example, if they use a partner such as Conquest One, companies have access to CQ1 Talent Search, a technological platform that allows them to hire IT professionals in a totally autonomous, remote and secure way. Also to a dedicated service of personalized IT recruitment followed by a Tech Recruiter who will be supported by a specialized talent acquisition infrastructure.

The advantages are many and include the identification, analysis and selection of the best talent in the area of technology, using artificial intelligence and technical and behavioural analysis to ensure the perfect match between the hard and soft skills of the professionals and the needs and culture of the client organizations.

In conclusion, companies that want to win in the competitive market will have to know how to strengthen their teams and keep them enthusiastic to “give their all” for the sustainability of the business. In this sense, Human Resources departments must be concerned with attracting and recruiting talent, but also with developing their skills so that they want to remain in their teams.

Technological tools are the great asset of human resources departments, since they include specific modules to manage teams and boost organizational culture, making it more functional and prosperous. 

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