11 exclusive benefits that only Conquest One clients have access to

benefits CQ1 clients

Every day that passes becomes more and more important for the fast and effective hiring of professionals in organizations all around the world. In fact, time is money, and companies have always sought to act at their maximum capacity.

Even so, hasty hiring may end up doing more harm than good, giving rise to dissatisfied professionals, lower productivity, and permanent turnover with the consequent resumption of the process. It will not be a surprise that outsourcing aimed at the specialized recruitment of technology professionals for projects has gained strength in recent times.

This makes it easier for organizations to achieve their hiring goals with confidence and without compromising the quality of the candidate or the achievement of the project itself. A good, reliable partner of Talent Source is a complete partner that offers the services at 360º, from hiring to talent management, allowing not only an effective saving of time but also of money.

The assertiveness of a recruitment and selection process is an effective added value, and qualified recruiters can contribute to success by delivering efficient selection processes in the shortest possible time.

It is in this area that Conquest One operates, bringing to its customers a faster and more successful handling of technology talents available on the market.

Who Better than a client to tell us about Conquest One and it`s services? “With CQ1 RPO I have at my disposal expert and dedicated tech recruiters exclusively to meeting our demands. Without a shadow of a doubt, assertiveness in the processes of recruiting, selecting, and hiring new talent is the greatest differential”, says the Talent Acquisition Manager at Infosys.

Let’s take a look at the eleven most important benefits Conquest One has to offer:

1- Talent Base, with over 230,000 IT professionals

Operating in the market for more than 20 years, the company currently has 500 plus assisted companies, 120.000 plus evaluated candidates, 230.000 plus talents in its data base and 5500 plus hired talents. The numbers make all the difference when you are looking for a trusted partner in this area.

2- Qualification of profiles of the talent base by artificial intelligence

Conquest One uses all the new AI tools that are becoming available each day to help recruit and hire new technology staff. They take some of the burden out of management to find the right people and also reduce bias in the process.

3- Access to the CQ1 platform for professional management, opportunity management, hours management, and continuous feedback

If you are looking for professionals with the right technical knowledge, it is now easier by using the CQ1 Platform. We are talking about a tool that allows you to search, access profiles in seconds, and guarantee the possibility of sending, in just one click, invitations to important interviews. Look for pre-qualified talent and find what you need in less than 5 minutes.

4- Validation of the candidate’s compatibility with the company’s organizational culture

Although the way a person is suited for a specific role is undoubtedly crucial to hiring the right employee, there are many reasons why finding candidates that mesh with your company culture is also important. Increasing quality of hire and reducing employee turnover are some of the main advantages. Conquest One knows that and works on the validation of the candidate’s compatibility.

5- Safe and agile remote work with a remote management application

Access to weekly reports allows you to closely monitor the entire process, understand the strengths and weaknesses of the team and act accordingly and practically in real time.

6- Curated by specialized recruiters

With highly specialized and knowledgeable referees of the IT market and all its fluctuations, Conquest One responds more easily and quickly to the demands of its customers, adapting the job in question to the best possible professional.

7- Specialized recruitment with Agile Methodology

By resorting to agile methodology, Conquest One recruitment specialists have a greater ability to tailor demand to supply and pinpoint the right professionals for each position, even if they are highly qualified profiles.

8- Technical, Behavioural and Cultural Assessment of Squads

So, if you are already in the selection process, it is important to ensure you have the ideal and complete profile for each job. Conquest One goes for a technical and behavioral analysis on this recruitment process. It allows you to manage your squads in a unified or globally distributed way.

9- Remote and face-to-face team management

Conquest One has the ideal model to enable projects that need an integrated process of hiring and managing technology talent in a face-to-face or remote mode.

10- Quality Control of the services themselves

Conquest One carries out periodic actions to control the quality of its services, such as assessing the performance of professionals and surveying customer satisfaction.

11- Structural support in more than 22 countries for personal and online interviews

Furthermore, Conquest One guarantees structural support in more than 22 countries, in which they recruit technology talent for permanent or temporary positions and for remote or presential projects.

Besides Infosys, companies like Bayer, Microsoft, Alcoa, Samsung, or Everis are other names that also rely on Conquest One to recruit their highly specialized talents. We are now waiting for your call!

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