5 reasons to choose Conquest One’s Talent Source service

5 reasons to join CQ1 talent source services

The recruitment of skilled professionals is one of the biggest headaches employers have today, particularly within ICT companies. The fact is that the whole process could become too time-consuming and too demanding in terms of recruits’ availability.

However, no one doubts that this is a process that should be seen as another strategic tool for the success of organizations, integrating their culture and contributing strongly to their good business results.

If you feel you are part of such a scenario, then know that there is a solution that can help you walk this path more easily. We are talking about choosing a good, reliable partner within the scope of sourced talent, thus opting for outsourcing aimed at the specialized recruitment of technology professionals for projects.

Basically, this is a key partner in the hiring flow, which has the role of finding, qualifying, and indicating talent for your client’s vacancies. But it goes further, assuming itself as a complete partner that offers services that go from hiring to managing talent, saving time and, increasingly important these days, saving money.

It will, therefore, be valid to expect a result that maximizes the investment made, with the hiring of a partner who is specialized in the area that the company wants to hire.

 This option will ensure the adoption of a more agile, dynamic, and pleasant selection process for participating candidates, as well as make it more financially viable and assertive.

But these are not all the advantages that Conquest One grants you as a talent source company.

Below are some more reasons to choose Conquest One’s Talent Source service:

1- More than 20 years of experience in connecting talent and companies

Conquest One has extensive experience in this field; with more than two decades of operation, it is a consolidated organization with a solid past that transmits security to its customers. At the same time, it is also a multinational company that really understands the needs of various customer profiles and manages to respond quickly and effectively.

2- Quality control

Conquest One also ensures continuous care with regard to deliver quality, evaluation of professional performance, and customer satisfaction at the heart of its search engine. To ensure this, the company carries out periodic actions to control the quality of its services.

3- Capacity building and training

Conquest One assumes its services offering with high professionalism by focusing on the qualification and specific development of professionals, both technical and behavioural. They offer a periodic training program in specific areas of IT. Through workshops, partnerships, and closed courses, Conquest One also assists in the training and technical and behavioural recycling of each employee.

4-Employee Relationship Management

As a human-centred company focused on satisfaction, Conquest One keeps track of the talent activities with a focus on satisfaction. In fact, all interactions with the professionals they work with are recorded and then analysed remotely to monitor their level of satisfaction and availability to work. Even when is far away, Conquest One is near.

5-Talent Management Mobile App

With the mobile app, it’s becoming easier to manage the entire cycle, from the opening of vacancies, talent identification, time management, or even ensure continuous feedback and real-time talent management. In fact, it works as a direct communication channel, making it easier to ensure a quick return through SLA levels.

All in all, Conquest One is the right partner in the area of talent source service, having been elected ten times as one of the best companies to work for in technology and counting a vast number of recognized partners in the market and satisfied customers.

Our team is ready to receive you, to clarify all doubts and to, together, embrace a new and very fruitful partnership. Get in touch with us.

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