Privacy Policy

Conquest One's goal is to show its commitment to always treat your personal data with security, privacy and transparency. This Privacy Policy describes the personal data we collect, how it is used, stored and shared, and your rights in relation to that data.

By accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy, you are aware that the controllers of your personal data, that is, the companies responsible for making decisions about the treatment of your personal data, will be the Conquest One Group.

• Our users can choose the types of data we collect, use and share.

This policy is applicable to data collected by Conquest One through the following sources:

• Websites da Conquest One: e formulários hospedados sob qualquer um dos domínios acima;

• Research carried out by Conquest One;

• Conventional service channels: telephone, e-mail, chat, and instant messaging applications;

The practices described in this Privacy Policy apply to the processing of your personal data in Brazil and abroad and are subject to applicable local laws, in particular the Data Protection and Information Security Regulation in force.

What Data Conquest One Collects

When submitting an application, or using Conquest One services, you provide us with some data, but we may also collect your data automatically. In addition, we also receive some personal data sent by partners we hire for specific purposes (such as to strengthen our control against fraud), so that we can comply with legal obligations or with applicable regulations and others that will be detailed later.

By accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy, you expressly agree to provide only true, current and accurate
personal data These are your personal data processed by Conquest One, divided by categories:

Personal data informed by the holder:
• Registration data, such as: name, identification documents, nationality, address, date of birth, affiliation, gender, among others;
• Contact data, such as telephone and email;
• Academic training data;
• Work history data such as: occupation, company names, periods, project names.

Personal data we collect from third parties:
• Registration data, such as: name, affiliation, date of birth, telephone number, address.

Navigation and device data:
• IP address of the device used to access Conquest One services;
• Interactions performed and usage profile of Conquest One websites, blogs and application;
• Technical data, such as URL, network connection, provider, and device information, device event information such as errors, system activities, hardware settings, browser type, browser language, date and time of your request;
• Cookies that can uniquely identify your browser or your Conquest One account;
• Device attributes such as ID, operating system, browser and model;
• Device geolocation data if you authorize collection from your device.

Related Companies and Other Services:
• Data Logs: When we include content from other websites (eg Google Analytics, RD Station etc.).
• Google Analytics : . RD Station: .
• Analytics: Conquest One and its partners, including Google, use their own (Google Analytics) and third-party (DoubleClick) cookies together to inform, optimize and show ads based on previous visits to our site.
• If you want to opt out of Google Analytics for displaying advertising you can do so using the Ads Preferences Manager.
• Web beacons: Our pages have electronic images known as web beacons (sometimes called “single pixel gifs”) and are used together with cookies to compile statistics and analyze how our site is used, and they may also be used in our and emails so that we know which emails and links are being opened by recipients.

Personal data arising from the use of our services:
• History of processes and applications;
• History of Acquisition of services and opening of vacancies.

Public Data:
• We may collect information about you:
• Information that is publicly available;
• Information about mentions or interactions with Conquest One;
• Testimonials regarding Conquest One posted publicly on social media profiles and pages, along with your name and image (including profile pictures).

How Conquest One uses your personal data

Our Services allow you to explore careers in addition to being located and locating business opportunities. We generally use and disclose your personal data for the following purposes:

Personal data provided by the holder:
RULE Purposes:
• Provide our services to you or our clients;
• Recommend career opportunities and new business;
• Include your data in our talent pool;
• Share information with recruiters;
• Provide content and recommendations to help make our Services more relevant to our Users, Visitors and customers;
• Manage our relationships with you or with our clients;
• Improve our services and that of our clients;
• Review and evaluate your job submissions;
• Contact by phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, or other means communication, including to send notifications or push usage of Conquest One services;
• Carry out Marketing activities and actions such as market research, opinion research and promotion of our services, or those of our partners;
• Share with trusted third parties (for example, our suppliers of and service contractors or advisors) that we are working with to provide services to you or to assist us in our contractual or legal obligations;
• Prevent and resolve technical or security issues;
• Regularly exercise our legal rights from Conquest One, including submitting documents in judicial and administrative proceedings, if necessary;
• Collaborate and comply with court order, competent authority or supervisory body, if necessary;
• Fulfill legal or regulatory obligation.

Sharing of personal data

Your data may be stored, processed and transferred between any of the countries in which Conquest One, its respective partners, customers, affiliates or contractors have offices, in order to enable Conquest One to use the information set out in this Privacy Policy so that you can enjoy career opportunities and new business and the use of our services.

With business partners, service providers and other third parties:
Such as: customers, suppliers information technology services, customer service, communication, statistical services, research, marketing.
Purposes of sharing:
• Improve our services, website and applications and operationalization of new services;
• Prevent and solve technical or security problems;
• Contact by phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, push notification or other means of communication;
• Regularly exercise rights of Conquest One, including submitting documents in judicial and administrative proceedings, if necessary;
• Comply with a court order, a competent authority or supervisory body;
• Comply with legal or regulatory obligations.

With Regulatory Authorities and Bodies:
• Regularly exercise Conquest One's rights, including submitting documents in judicial and administrative proceedings, if necessary;
• Comply with court order, authority authority or supervisory body;
• Comply with legal or regulatory obligations.

Upon your request:
Purposes of sharing:
• Ensure transparency in our relationship with you;
• Send non-mandatory email, push, WhatsApp and SMS notifications.

When browsing our websites, you may be redirected to third-party websites or applications. Once you are redirected to a third party website or application, their privacy practices will be governed by the privacy policies and terms of use of that third party.

Retention and Deletion of Your Personal Data
Data Retention:
While you are a candidate, during your use of our services and for as long as Conquest One stores your personal data, they will be kept in a safe and controlled environment.

Rights to access and control your personal data
• Delete data: you can request to delete all or some of your personal data.
• Change or correct data: you can edit some of your personal data in your account. You can also request updates, changes or corrections to your data in certain cases, particularly if it is incorrect.
• Objection, limit or restrict the use of data: you can request to stop using all or some of your data. personal data (for example, if we do not have the right to continue to use it), or limit our use of it (for example, if your personal data is incorrect or stored illegally).
• Accessing or copying your data : You can request a copy of your personal data and the data you have provided in a machine-readable format.

You can do this by sending us an email at With a written request and within a period of up to 30 days we will correct, delete and/or block the personal information from future use. We will retain your information as necessary to provide you with services and we will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and/or fulfill our contracts.

Your rights as a data owner personal data
Confirm the existence of personal data processing;
Access personal data;
Correct incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data;
Anonymize, block or delete unnecessary data , excessive or treated in violation of the Data Protection and Information Security Regulation in force;

Elimination of personal data processed with consent:
Information of the companies with which Conquest One has shared or received your personal data;
Inform about the possibility of not providing consent and about the consequences of denial;
Revoke consent;

Security measures

Conquest One uses several types of security measures to ensure the integrity of your personal data, including:
• Use of encryption;
• Security as code, in order to enable automation and quick and efficient responses to security events in the technological environment;
• Continuous analysis and testing of information security in our systems, made by internal and external teams.

We recommend that you always log out (“ logout”) after each session and close the browser when finished, especially when accessing the service using public endpoints. We also recommend that you never share your password with anyone, it is personal and non-transferable, and always take care when posting your personal data on social networks or any other public environment.

Confidentiality Rules

All information made available to CQOne, due to the performance of its functions and activities, will be considered as confidential information(s), including, among others, any and all oral and/or written information, transmitted and/or disclosed by Conquest One will be restricted and owned by the company.

The CQOne that receives Confidential information may only use it for the services for which it was contracted and will ensure that such Confidential information is not disclosed or disclosed to third parties in any way, using at least the same care and care that you give to your own Confidential information.

The CQOne that receives Confidential information undertakes to:
Do not discuss with third parties, use, disclose, reveal, assign in any capacity or dispose of Confidential Information, for any person, natural or legal, and for any other purpose that is not exclusively related to the object ref eidol, being obliged to adopt precautions and adequate precautions in order to prevent their misuse by any person who, for whatever reason, has had access to them.

The CQOne that receives and is aware of Confidential information, acknowledges and accepts that, in the event of violation of any of the clauses of this Policy, you will be subject to legal sanctions and penalties, in particular compensation for losses and damages that it causes, these estimated by Conquest One, including those of moral or competitive order, as well as the respective civil and criminal liabilities.

Compliance with the Data Protection and Information Security Regulations in force by the CQOnes
In order to ensure the protection of your personal data and provide a safe environment, CQOne adopts practices related to information security, such as user authentication, strict access control and computer network segmentation, maintenance of backup copies security of data and information, among others.

In addition to the protections that Conquest One applies, it is also important that CQOne has a safe behavior, identifying and avoiding situations that may threaten the security of the data processed by the company , Conquest One's customers and all data necessary for the services developed by the company.

If CQOne identifies, becomes aware of or practices something that compromises the security of the data processed in connection with the services, it is essential that it immediately contact the channel

In case CQOne detects or promotes the use of data processed by Conquest One in a way that is incompatible with this Policy, or if you have other questions, comments, suggestions or requests related to the Policy, you should contact the following contact email to

Throughout this Policy of Privacy, inform s that some personal data will only be collected by Conquest One with your consent. Likewise, this personal data may only be processed with authorization and for the purposes described.

By reading and accepting this Privacy Policy, you consent to the processing of personal data in the ways indicated here.

Notifications of Privacy Policy Changes
Conquest One may amend this privacy policy to reflect changes in our information practices. The changes made will always be available on this website so that you can always access them.

If you have any questions regarding this policy or the use of your personal data, please contact us at .br.

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