Find the best professionals for your project success

We bring together tech candidates and successful projects. From the technical and behavioral analysis, to the final completion project phase, we manage and monitor the professional or team that will be working in your company.

We take care of the remote,
In-Office and hybrid teams management

Searching, selecting, monitoring and retaining technology professionals is our expertise.

Ideal format to enable projects that need an integrated process for hiring and managing tech professionals

Specialized recruiters, mature processes, advanced methodologies, and platforms that streamline the tech candidates availability.

Count on the best talent attraction and retention team

Validating the scope

Expertise in understanding projects needs and sizing the team requirements.

Ilustração de pessoas se cumprimentando através da tela de computador

Attraction process

Technology, qualified team and expertise prepared for the best professionals global hiring, for development and for the project delivery.

Ilustração de pessoa olhando para perfil de profissional

Management Process

Conquest One has its own SLA monitoring methodology, KPIs and performance evaluation in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. We provide a single platform for remote management for all professionals involved in our projects.

Development and Knowledge Preservation

We invest in the professionals development and retention to gain productivity, preserve knowledge and for teams development.

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