Good practices in the monitoring and management of talents – the impacts on the careers of professionals and Client projects

Good practices in monitoring and management of talents

Talent management is not an easy task and has proved to be an increasing challenge. In the Human Resources department of an organization, talent management must involve various aspects, integrating from the outset a set of techniques aimed at developing human capital in organizations and its necessary stimulation in the work environment. In other words, talent management is a process aimed at improving the performance of employees and the organization. Motivation is the key word in this field, and will certainly be a huge asset at the end of the day in all organizations.

On the other hand, we have project management which is nothing more than the application of a set of knowledge, techniques and tools suitable for the planning, execution and continuous monitoring of the project itself. This work is essential in any company and requires greater attention and availability, particularly at a time when market 4.0 trends are stronger than ever. In fact, good project management plays a key role in improving competitiveness through efficiency and effectiveness, allowing, for example, the reduction of costs and time allocated to processes in order to achieve pre-defined objectives.

Learn how to manage the team

A good work environment is halfway towards the success of any team. But this is not always an easy task to achieve, as companies must ensure good people management practices from the outset. According to Sodexo research, this reality makes professionals up to 86% more productive and the business up to 70% more profitable. All in all, the whole business ends up presenting an improved performance in the market and also stand out against the competition, supporting greater growth and the certainty of pleasing the final customer.

Good practices for good management and monitoring of employees include:

1. Hiring of a qualified team

The projects are not all the same and there are several details that should be analysed and worked only by professionals who are really experts in the field. Only a good professional manages to organize all stages of the process, developing his work successfully and delivering what was requested.

2. Understand the profile of your employees (respect for individuals – Human centred)

There are no two people alike. This is a certainty that could not make more sense when we talk about team management. Therefore, it is up to the manager to know each of the elements he has before him, their strengths and weaknesses, their soft and hard skills and work from there to take even more advantage of the particularities of each one.

3. Conduct constant feedback in constructive ways

Communication is key! Feedback is a foundational management skill! Managers should have the ability to provide regular, helpful feedback to employees in a way that encourages them and not the other way around. And no, we are not saying that you have to say only good things, because there are some errors that need to be managed, discussed, and fixed…. but the communication must be done thoughtfully.

4. Set challenging goals

Stimulate teams by setting challenging and clear goals. Otherwise, you take the chance to travel in a huge desert without any kind of guidance. And in this case, the risks are great not only for the team itself, but also for the organization’s business.

5. Align the area with the company’s strategy

A good organizational culture is halfway towards the success of any company. But this reality can only be assured if there is an optimization within the HR management with training and alignment of the company’s vision, mainly for leadership.

Knowing what the objectives of each element are, which path the company wants to follow as well as being able to be part of the growth of the organization are triggers that act directly in improving the company’s results and its future success.

6. Improve communication channels (easy access, transparency, freedom of expression)

To have the right communication channels is crucial. In order to be a good leader and a good project manager you have to learn how to listen and respect your team and co-workers and know how to talk with them. Remember to put in place the best communication channels in your organization, whether they are zoom meetings, messages, emails, one-on-ones, team meetings, company meetings or even retreats. Let everybody talk, ear all your co-workers opinion and work with them on their ideas.

Advantages gained through good practice

Whether we are talking about pure and hard project management or team management, the truth is that there is a set of advantages left by good practices that cannot (and should not) be neglected. Among them, we highlight:

Growing professionals: A professional well supported by his company has a greater tendency to evolve, either by continuous training or by simple curiosity, thus becoming even better professional. A reality that will have a very positive impact on your career and the future of the organization.

Increased productivity: All managers look for productive teams. This is one of the advantages of a good team management since it ensures a greater and better motivation, with greater interaction from part to part and always aligned with the company’s strategy.

Compliance with the schedule: Unforeseen events happen, and we all know this. But the truth is that, in the vast majority of cases, they can be prevented by reducing the possibility of delays in the delivery of projects. An effective project management, with careful monitoring and verification of all steps is half-way into the reduction of occurrence of these unforeseen.

Risk reduction: By closely monitoring the project, the possibility of risk decreases considerably as it becomes possible to anticipate future situations and work towards minimizing them.

Customer satisfaction: This is the ultimate goal of any company, and the truth is that a project delivered in the stipulated time makes the customer very happy and the team with the sense of accomplished mission. In both cases, good project management played a key role, thus ensuring the growth of the business and the competitiveness of the organization.

In conclusion, the easiest way to achieve these good practices and have business advantages is by hiring a partner specialized in hiring and managing technology professionals. Why don’t you talk to Conquest One?

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