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Pessoas sorrindo em mesa de colab usando notebook
Gestão Integrada de Serviços

Integrated Service Management

Professionals performance evaluation and customer satisfaction survey are carried out In order to guarantee our services quality.

Gestão Integrada de serviços

Integrated Service Management

We count on our own technological know-how to support end-to-end management at all talent acquisition stages and service management process.

Employee Relationship Management

Employee Relationship Management

Professionals in projects monitoring platform that enables a full overview

Talent Management

Talent Management

One-click job opening, time management and continuous feedback. Our own real-time people management platform enables the customers to have speed and team engagement, ensuring great delivery results.

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Processo integrado de contratação e gestão de profissionais

Integrated process for professionals hiring and management

Encontramos o profissional certo para a sua empresa

We find the right professional for your company

Aceleramos seu processo de recrutamento

We speed up your recruitment process

Acesso instantâneo a milhares de profissionais de tecnologia

Instant access to thousands of tech professionals

We have been connecting professionals and companies for over two decades

Our structural support in more than 22 countries enables us to recruit for permanent, temporary, remote and In-Office job positions

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Nuvem de palavras com codigos e linguagens

Professionals in this fild are responsible for working together with a team, in the applications development or mobile devices systems, either by programming natively or through other technologies languages.

DevOps professionals (Development & Operations, in a simplified way) work in the integration between software development teams, especially in the areas of development and operations, integrating and monitoring their activities to seek a more optimized and simplified performance.

UI and UX are design areas that, despite of having different approaches, they can and should be used together. UI or User Interface, is the design area responsible for the interface, that is, the visual project part, that is meant to make usability easy. UX or User Experience, is the area that goes beyond the visual aspects, ensuring that it is, In general, simple, intuitive and generates a good user experience.

Professionals in this field combine various technical skills including statistics, scientific methods, artificial intelligence (AI) and data analysis to extract value from data.

Since 2009 present in the ranking as one of the best companies to work for in the IT field.

Twelve times voted as one of the best companies to work for in technology
We promote a fast digital transformation for global companies in different sectors. Join our team!
Our structural support in more than 22 countries enables us to recruit for permanent, temporary, remote and In-Office job positions.

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