4 tips for building an international career in technology

building an international career in technology

The employment market in the information and communication technologies sector has always been counter-cyclical to the normal reality of employment in Portugal and around the world. The ICT sector is suffering from a skilled labor shortage, as supply is far from meeting strong demand. According to data from a Michael Page study, which recorded the […]

11 exclusive benefits that only Conquest One clients have access to

benefits CQ1 clients

Every day that passes becomes more and more important for the fast and effective hiring of professionals in organizations all around the world. In fact, time is money, and companies have always sought to act at their maximum capacity. Even so, hasty hiring may end up doing more harm than good, giving rise to dissatisfied […]

5 books you need to read about managing human resources

5 books you need to read

2020 will be forever engraved in our memory and in the world history, by the changes it has forced us to make – both personally and professionally – and because of the new contexts of work. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed habits and routines and has put remote work on the agenda, as it was […]

5 reasons to choose Conquest One’s Talent Source service

5 reasons to join CQ1 talent source services

The recruitment of skilled professionals is one of the biggest headaches employers have today, particularly within ICT companies. The fact is that the whole process could become too time-consuming and too demanding in terms of recruits’ availability. However, no one doubts that this is a process that should be seen as another strategic tool for […]

10 reasons to choose the Talent Search platform for your company

Human resources are the fuel of business, and nobody doubts that any more. Managers realize that the success of their processes is proportional to the talent they manage to attract and retain. The big question is: how to get the best professionals in a fast and efficient way? Well, the key word would be automation, […]