Metaverso: tudo o que um Profissional de TI precisa saber!


Não há dúvida alguma de que Metaverso foi o grande termo de 2021, começando 2022 em alta novamente. Mesmo com esse destaque todo, muitas pessoas apresentam dificuldades em entender o conceito. Afinal, este é um software, uma criptomoeda, um jogo, um filme? Na realidade, este é um mundo virtual, em que as pessoas podem interagir […]

Slow Hiring: 5 risks of a delayed recruitment process

slow hiring

As the competitiveness grows in the markets, the search for human resources that add value to the companies’ operations and strengthen the staff becomes an auspicious mission for the HR leaders of any organization, especially for those that operate in areas where the lack of resources is most felt, such as technology. Those who work […]

6 Best Practices in an Agile Recruiting Process

Best Practices in an Agile Recruiting Process

Have you heard of digital transformation today? Chances are you have and it has made you think about how important agility is in the digital context. This digital transformation promotes many changes in companies at the technological, process level, but also in recruitment and talent management, where more than ever there is the challenge of […]

5 problems that arise when replacing technology professionals

problems that arise when replacing technology professionals

If the lack of IT resources was already an acute problem before the pandemic, during the confinement teleworking has shaped the technological recruitment market and rolled out the red carpet for specialized professionals who are now more exposed to proposals from recruiters from anywhere in the world. Talent, which was already scarce, became even scarcer […]

Why get technological recruitment software for your company?

recruitment software

Despite the economic crisis caused by Covid-19, the market for the recruitment of specialized IT profiles has not stopped growing. In fact, the pandemic will have added new positions in companies that have been forced to innovate and digitize processes, or else lose ground to their main competitors. According to IDC forecasts, employment in the […]